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Flannel Solids By Robert Kaufman! 100% Cotton, 44"-45" Wide

Flannel Solid - Grey
By Robert Kaufman Color: Grey
Quantity on Hand: 51-1/4 yd

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidgrey      $6.29 yd         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - Light Yellow
By Robert Kaufman Color: Light Yellow
Quantity on Hand: 20-1/2 yd

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidltyellow      $6.29 yd         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - Rich Red
By Robert Kaufman Color: Rich Red
Quantity on Hand: 15 yd

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidrichred      $6.29 yd         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - Tangerine
By Robert Kaufman Color: Tangerine
Quantity on Hand: 4-1/2 yd

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidtangerine      $6.29 yd         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - White
By Robert Kaufman Color: White
Quantity on Hand: 28-7/8 yd.

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidwhite      $6.29 yd.         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - Black
By Robert Kaufman Color: Black
Quantity on Hand: 62-3/4 yd.

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidblack      $6.29 yd.         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - Ivory
By Robert Kaufman Color: Ivory
Quantity on Hand: 7-1/2 yd.

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidivory      $6.29 yd.         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - Natural
By Robert Kaufman Color: Natural
Quantity on Hand: 14-1/2 yd.

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidnatural      $6.29 yd.         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - Yellow
By Robert Kaufman Color: Yellow
Quantity on Hand: 7 yd

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidyellow      $6.29 yd         Quantity:  

Flannel Solid - Snow
By Robert Kaufman Color: Snow
Quantity on Hand: 1-1/2 yd.

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Ref # kaufmanflannelsolidsnow      $6.29 yd.         Quantity:  

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