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Everything on Sale all the time
Starting at $4.98 per yard

Updated 11/21/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-submenu-9100.jpg Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes,
Minis and Fat Quarters!

Thumbnail Image mtn-k_aufmankonacotton.jpg Kona Cotton Solids

Thumbnail Image mtn-submenu-2100.jpg Shop by Theme Thumbnail Image mtn-submenu-2900.jpg Shop by Manufacturer Thumbnail Image mtn-submenu-3000.jpg Kaffe Fassett & Liberty Fabrics 20% Off
Thumbnail Image mtn-submenu-6100.jpg Black Friday SALE

Christmas 2022

30% Off!

Thumbnail Image mtn-submenu-7100.jpg Halloween 2022

35% Off!

Thumbnail Image mtn-clothworks_xoxo.jpg XOXO

by Heatherlee Chan for Clothworks

New 11/17/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-henryglass_bemine.jpg Be Mine

by Jane Alison for Henry Glass

New 11/17/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_happinessblooms.jpg Happiness Blooms

by Deb Strain for Moda

New 11/17/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-windham_fourseasons.jpg Four Seasons

by Maja Lindberg for Windham

New 11/17/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_indigocheddar.jpg Indigo Cheddar

by Andover

New 11/16/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-kaufman_backdropwide.jpg Backdrop 108 Wide

by Vanessa Lillrose & Linda Fitch for Robert Kaufman

New 11/16/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_stonehengesurface.jpg Stonehenge Surface

by Deborah Edwards for Northcott

New 11/16/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-pb_modplaid108wide.jpg Mad Plaid 108 Wide

b PB Textiles

New 11/16/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_dwell.jpg Dwell

by Camille Roskelley for Moda

New 11/10/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-hoffman_seashellsbytheseashore.jpg Seashells by the Seashore Batiks

by Hoffman

New 11/10/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-hoffman_sewtherainbow.jpg Sew the Rainbow Batiks

by Hoffman

New 11/10/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-kaufman_beefree.jpg Bee Free

by Lauren Wan for Robert Kaufman

New 11/10/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-freespirit_moongarden.jpg Moon Garden

by Tula Pink

New 11/9/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_theshores.jpg The Shores

by Brenda Riddle for Moda

New 11/8/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-rileyblake_beminevalentine.jpg Be Mine Valentine

by J. Wecker Frisch for Riley Blake

New 11/8/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_sunflowergarden.jpg Sunflower Garden

by Holly Taylor for Moda

New 11/3/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_pansysposies.jpg Pansy's Posies

by Robin Pickens for Moda

New 11/1/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-camelot_willywonka2.jpg Willy Wonka 2

by Camelot

New 10/29/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-clothworks_artclub.jpg Art Club

by Anita Jeram for Clothworks

New 10/29/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-windham_colorwash.jpg Colorwash

by Carrie Bloomston for Windham

New 10/21/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_luckycharms.jpg Lucky Charms

by Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover

New 10/18/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_strawberriesandcream.jpg Strawberries and Cream

by Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover

New 10/18/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-kaufman_floralwave.jpg Artisan Batiks: Floral Wave

by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman

New 10/18/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_bonvoyage.jpg Bon Voyage

by Janet Clare for Moda

New 10/18/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_kawa.jpg Kawa

by Debbie Maddy for Moda

New 10/18/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-rileyblake_janeaustenathome.jpg Sense and Sensibility

by Jane Austen's House for Riley Blake

New 10/18/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-rubystar_twirl.jpg Twirl

by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society

New 10/18/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-freespirit_herekittykitty.jpg Here Kitty Kitty

by Kori Dantini for Free Spirit

New 10/13/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_isabella.jpg Isabella

by Minick and Simpson for Moda

New 10/12/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-henryglass_treehouse.jpg Tree House

by Kate Mawdsley for Henry Glass

New 10/11/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-pb_babysafarianimals.jpg Baby Safari Animals

by Clint Eager for PB Textiles

New 10/11/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-rileyblake_hushhush2.jpg Hush Hush 2

by Riley Blake

New 10/11/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_cameo.jpg Cameo

by Andover Fabrics

New 10/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_fabricfromthebasement.jpg Fabric From the Basement

by Giucy Giuce

New 10/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_wildmeadow.jpg Wild Meadow

by Sweetfire Road for Moda

New 10/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_chroma.jpg Chroma

by Deborah Edwards for Northcott

New 10/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_dragonflydreams.jpg Dragonfly Dreams

by Deborah Edwards for Northcott

New 10/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_polarfrost.jpg Polar Frost

by Jody Bergsma for Northcott

New 10/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_teafortwo.jpg Tea for Two

by Northcott Studio

New 10/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-marcus_foundation2.jpg Foundation 2

by Timeworn Toolbox Designs for Marcus Fabrics

New 10/4/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_daffodilsanddragonflies.jpg Daffodils and Dragonflies

by Kansas Troubles for Moda

New 10/4/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-stella_pawsandreflect.jpg Paws and Reflect

by Dear Stella

New 10/4/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-studioe_dressedandobsessed.jpg Dressed and Obsessed

by Anne Tavoletti for Studio E

New 10/4/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-windham_bemyneighbor.jpg Be My Neighbor

by Terri Degenkolb for Windham

New 10/4/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-marcus_minimixers.jpg Mini Mixers

by Laura Beringer for Marcus

New 9/29/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-maywood_littlelambieswooliesflannel.jpg Little Lambie Woolies Flannel

by Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood

New 9/29/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-maywood_prettypetals.jpg Pretty Petals

by Kimberbell for Maywood

New 9/29/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_theflowerfarm.jpg The Flower Farm

by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda

New 9/27/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-hoffman_wadingwithwaterlilies.jpg Wading With Water Lillies

by HOffman

New 9/27/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-makower_heatherandsage.jpg Heather and Sage

by Makower

New 9/26/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_abcxyz.jpg

by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda

New 9/20/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_countryrose.jpg Country Rose

by Lella Boutique for Moda

New 9/20/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_sprinkles.jpg Sprinkles

by Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover

New 9/20/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-freespirit_madagascaradventure.jpg Madagascar Adventure

by Daughter Earth - Katy Tanis for Free Spirit

New 9/20/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-freespirit_touchstones.jpg Touchstones

by Shell Rummel for Free Spirit

New 9/20/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-kaufman_feastmode.jpg Feast Mode

by Studio RK for Robert Kaufman

New 9/20/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-kaufman_lakehouse.jpg Lake House

by Mary Lake Thompson for Robert Kaufman

New 9/20/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-wilmington_amongthebranches.jpg Among the Branches

by Susan Winget for Wilmington Prints

New 9/20/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-itb_colorful.jpg Colorful

by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning

New 9/16/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-marcus_materialmatters.jpg Material Madders

by Sheryl Johnson for Marcus Fabrics

New 9/16/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-kaufman_horizon.jpg Horizon

by Robert Kaufman

New 9/15/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_buttercupslate.jpg Buttercup and Slate

by Corey Yoder for Moda

New 9/15/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-rileyblake_beegingham.jpg Bee Gingham

by Lori Holt for Riley Blake

New 9/13/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_irisivy.jpg Iris and Ivy

by Jan Patek for Moda

New 9/8/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-paintbrush_indigoferns.jpg Indigo Ferns

by Paintbrush Studio

New 9/8/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-freespirit_kaffefassett2022august.jpg Kaffe Collective August 2022

by Fassett, Jacobs and Mably for Free Spirit

New 9/7/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-figo_heavenlyhedgerow.jpg Heavenly Hedgerow

by Jane Carkill for Figo


Thumbnail Image mtn-itb_botanical.jpg Botanical

by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning

New 9/7/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-stella_catcall.jpg Cat Call

by Dear Stella

New 9/7/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-clothworks_snowfun.jpg Snow Fun

by Liza Lewis for Clothworks

New 9/1/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-studioe_waterbabies.jpg Water Babies

by Sugarly Designs for Studio E

New 9/1/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_create.jpg Create

by Alli K Design for Moda

New 8/31/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_soar.jpg Soar

by Melanie Samra for Northcott

New 8/31/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_disfordream.jpg D is for Dream

by Paper and Cloth for Moda

New 8/26/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_sweetnothings.jpg Sweet Nothings

by Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover

New 8/23/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-henryglass_constructionzone.jpg Construction Zone

by Robert Giordano for Henry Glass

New 8/23/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-henryglass_letitsnowflannel.jpg Let It Snow Flannel

by Janet Nesbitt for Henry Glass

New 8/23/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-henryglass_littleones.jpg Little Ones

by Dawn Rosengren for Henry Glass

New 8/23/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_avalon.jpg Avalon

by Sumit Gill for Northcott

New 8/23/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-anthology_betweenthelines.jpg Between the Lines

by Anthology

New 8/17/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-freespirit_parisville.jpg Parisville -Deja Vu

by Tula Pink for Free Spirit

New 8/15/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-3wishes_snowfallontherange.jpg Snowfall on the Range

by John Keeling for 3 Wishes

New 8/12/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-clothworks_bohogarden.jpg Boho Garden

by Teresa Magnuson for Clothworks

New 8/11/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-pb_sunflowerfield.jpg Sunflower Field

by Sandy Lynam Clough for PB Textiles

New 8/10/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-rileyblake_daisyfields.jpg Daisy Fields

by Beverly McCullough for Riley Blake

New 8/10/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-wilmington_autumnsun.jpg Autumn Sun

by Lola Molina for Wilmington

New 8/9/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-windham_littlewhispers.jpg Little Whispers

by Whistler Studios for Windham

New 8/5/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-itb_reflectionsofautumn.jpg Reflections of Autum

by In the Beginning

Thumbnail Image mtn-marcus_oppositeoptions.jpg Opposite Options

by Sheryl Johnson for Marcus Fabrics

New 8/2/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_slowstroll.jpg Slow Stroll

by Fancy That Design House for Moda

Thumbnail Image mtn-rileyblake_awesomeautumn.jpg Awesome Autumn

by Sandy Gervais for Riley Blake

Thumbnail Image mtn-3wishes_hugskissesandspecialwishes.jpg Hugs, Kisses and Special Wishes

by Beth Albert for 3 Wishes

New 8/2/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_chickadee.jpg Chickadee

by Create Joy Project for Moda

New 7/29/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-wilmington_glassbeads108wide.jpg Glass Beads 108 Wide

by Wilmington Prints

New 7/29/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-kaufman_cuddlycountryside.jpg Cuddly Countryside

by Robert Kaufman

New 7/28/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_healingwaters2022.jpg Healing Waters 2022

by Mark Anthony Jacobson for Northcott

New 7/26/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_spirited.jpg Spirited

by Elise Genest for Northcott

New 7/26/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_katesgardengate.jpg Kate's Garden Gate

by Betsy Chutchian for Moda

New 7/25/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-timeless_queenbee.jpg Queen Bee

by Timeless Treasures

New 7/19/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-miller_brushwithnature.jpg Brush With Nature

by Louise Nisbet for Michael Miller

New 7/13/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-rileyblake_coloringonthefarm.jpg Coloring on the Farm

by Crayola for Riley Blake

New 7/11/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_blueescape.jpg Blue Escape

by Laundry Basket Quilts

New 7/8/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-clothworks_featheredfriends.jpg Feathered Friends

by Sue Zipkin for Clothworks

New 7/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-pb_bellespivoines.jpg Belle Pivoines

by Retro Vintage for PB Textiles

New 7/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-pb_bootsandblooms.jpg Boots and Blooms

by Sillier Than Sally Designs for PB Textiles

New 7/6/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-northcott_prehistoricworld.jpg Prehistoric World

by Linda Ludovico For Northcott

New 6/28/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-susybee_burrthepolarbear.jpg Burr the Polar Bear

by Suzy Bee

New 6/28/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-windham_clueless.jpg Clueless

by Angela Pingel for Windham

New 6/28/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_nantucketsummer.jpg Nantucket Summer

by Camille Roskelley for Moda

New 6/22/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_freedomroad.jpg Freedom Road

by Kansas Troubles for Moda

New 6/21/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-andover_laundrybasketfavorites3.jpg Laundry Basket Favorites 3

by Edyta Sitar

New 6/15/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-rjr_wildones.jpg Wild Ones

by RJR

New 6/10/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-windham_traveler.jpg Traveler

by Jeanne Horton for Windham

New 6/10/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-freespirit_truecolors.jpg True Colors - Tiny Dots and Stripes

by Tula Pink for Free Spirit

New 6/7/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-itb_victoria.jpg Victoria

by In the Beginning

New 6/7/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-moda_2022gardengatherings.jpg Garden Gatherings

by Primitive Gatherings

New 6/2/22!

Thumbnail Image mtn-beatrixpotter_peterrabbit.jpg Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter for The Craft Cotton Company

Thumbnail Image mtn-paintbrush_raccoonruckus.jpg Raccoon Ruckus

by Allira Tee for Paintbrush Studio

Thumbnail Image mtn-rubystar_sugar.jpg Sugar

by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society

Thumbnail Image mtn-susybee_kittythecat.jpg Kitty the Cat

by Susybee

Thumbnail Image mtn-paintbrush_sweetandsour.jpg Sweet and Sour

by Elena Fay for Paintbrush Studio

Thumbnail Image mtn-rubystar_starry.jpg Starry

by Ruby Star Society

Thumbnail Image mtn-susybee_zoethegiraffe.jpg Zoe the Giraffe

by Susy Bee

Thumbnail Image mtn-rubystar_birthday.jpg Birthday

by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society

Thumbnail Image mtn-rubystar_speckled.jpg Speckled

by Rashida Coleman Hale for Ruby Star Society

Thumbnail Image mtn-belagio_cork.jpg Cork Fabric Rolls and Faux Leather Pieces

Thumbnail Image mtn-alexhenry_jan2016.jpg Novelties

by Alexander Henry

Thumbnail Image mtn-bookpanels.jpg Soft Book Panels

Thumbnail Image mtn-new_panelcategory.jpg Panels

From Various Manufacturers

Thumbnail Image mtn-mountainmist.jpg Mountain Mist Historic
Pattern Collection

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